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MA Degree Program Available (Full or Part-Time)
By focusing their study on God's Fatherly plan (the 'divine economy'), the unity of the Old and New Testament ('typology') and the relationship of salvation history to the Church's celebration of the Liturgy ('mystagogy') students will learn a biblically based approach to Dogmatic, Moral and Liturgical Theology. Students will be firmly rooted in the magisterial teaching of the Catholic Church as well as the philosophy and theology of St. Thomas Aquinas for whom the study of theology was synonymous with the study of Scripture (the 'sacred page'). In addition, students will be trained to effectively communicate what they have learned to others, focusing not only on academic research but also on ways to apply what they have learned in their own lives and thus be well formed for the task of evangelization, as well as further work in biblical and theological scholarship.

Unique Curriculum
Our program offers a unique integration of the various branches of theology with a heavy concentration in the study of Sacred Scripture. In this our curriculum is unique. Whereas most schools of theology offer little more than basic introductory classes in the Old and New Testaments, students in our program will learn to follow the lead of the present Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, who has frequently stressed the need for a biblically based approach to theology. This scriptural focus has been the hallmark of his own work, which provides a model for contemporary Catholic Biblical Theology. In addition, our students will not only learn this material themselves but be trained how to communicate to others. Above all, students will learn how to incorporate their study into their own prayer life, thus turning their work into an expression of their personal commitment to Christ.

Prospective Students
This program has two primary aims: to train students for the work of evangelization and to prepare students to engage in scholarship. It is ideal for those interested in working in pastoral ministry, religious education as well as those who simply want to have a better understanding of their faith. Likewise, it will help form those interested in pursuing a future career as a Catholic academic. In sum, students will learn how to both interact with contemporary scholarship as well as how to effectively communicate what they have learned at the parish level.

Master's Degree Requirements
To earn a Master's degree, a student must complete 63 units of credit, a comprehensive examination or thesis, and two practicum courses. Students may complete their degree in two academic years or progress at their own pace.

JP Catholic Undergraduate Programs
The undergraduate programs focus on impacting culture for Christ through business and media - key tools of the New Evangelization and this offers unique opportunities for the practical application of Biblical Theology for graduate students.

Accreditation Status
Following a Structural Change proposal to and review by WASC, JP Catholic University's proposal for an online MA in Biblical Theology has been granted final approval by WASC effective June 25, 2013. The Structural Change proposal for our on-campus MA degree in Biblical Theology (our first Master's degree program, and thus a new degree level) and our MBA degree in Film Producing was granted final approval by WASC effective August 31, 2012. JP Catholic University is in the 'Candidacy' stage of its accreditation process.