BS in Communications Media

BS in Communications Media

Our BS in Communications Media offers several areas of emphasis, which prepare students in all facets of the film, television, animation and video game industries.

Students learn the creative art of visual storytelling, directing, producing, cinematography, video editing, documentary filmmaking, sound recording, animation, game art, design and programming, as well as the business of film, TV, new media, and video gaming. It also prepares students interested in acquiring these skills and tools, along with business expertise, to evangelize.

Production/Directing Screenwriting Producing Acting Animation Game Art and Design New Evangelization Journalism TV Production

BS in Business

BS in Business

Our BS in Business offers several areas of emphasis, which prepare students to create, lead, manage, and grow companies and organizations spanning from general businesses to entertainment media companies.

Students learn marketing & sales, finance & accounting, leadership & management, planning & execution, and the business creation process. Students interested in entrepreneurship can bring together all they have learned in our series of entrepreneurship courses where they undertake a significant project or explore taking a new idea to market.

Creative Entrepreneurship Leadership & Management Sales & Marketing Accounting & Finance

BA in Humanities*

BA in Humanities

Within the broadly interdisciplinary BA in Humanities* degree program at JPCatholic, we study human culture and how we understand and record the human experience. People have used philosophy, theology, art, music, literature, history and language to process and document our world. These academic disciplines traditionally make up the Humanities and their study gives us the opportunity to connect with our past and understand our contemporary culture. With the great texts of western civilization as a foundation, the program provides students with a deep study of culture, and intellectual history.

We offer three areas of emphasis: Theology & Philosophy; Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PP&E); and Creative Writing & Screenwriting.

* Pending WSCUC Approval JPCatholic has applied to WSCUC (WASC Senior College and University Commission) for approval for this new degree program. Students may apply now, but JPCatholic cannot make an admit decision, or admit or enroll a student until final WSCUC approval. This is anticipated, but not guaranteed, by November 2016.

Theology & Philosophy Philosophy, Politics & Economics Creative Writing and Screenwriting

MBA in Film Producing

MBA in Film Producing

Our MBA in Film Producing program prepares students to become a successful producer ready not only to make great films but to running businesses that make great films.

The curriculum consists of a rigorous integration of story, film producing, entertainment development and the business of film. Courses include: leadership & management; finance & accounting, marketing & distribution, competitive strategy, intellectual property law, philosophy, and theology.

MBA in Film Producing

MA in Biblical Theology

MA in Biblical Theology

Our graduate program in Biblical Theology offers a unique integration of the various branches of theology with a heavy concentration in the study of Sacred Scripture.

The program follows the lead of Pope Benedict XVI, who has frequently stressed the need for a biblically based approach to theology. The program aims to train students for the work of evangelization and to prepare students to engage in scholarship.

MA in Biblical Theology Graduate Theology Certificates

Continuing Education

MA in Biblical Theology

Our Continuing Education Certificates meet our high academic standards and are offered 100% online. Each Certificate documents the student's completion of a focused program of study.

The Certificate in Catholic Theology contains five courses that cover the New Testament, Old Testament, and the Catechism of the Catholic Church. The Certificate of Philosophy contains five courses in philosophical thought from a solid Catholic perspective, covering areas from the basic structures of sound reasoning and classic Aristotelian logic to the “problem of evil” and the question of free will. 

For qualified students wishing to pursue Graduate level coursework we offer three Graduate Certificates consisting of five graduate courses each.

The Continuing Education Certificates are non-degree seeking and the student does not earn college credit. Courses are graded on a Pass/Fail basis. Upon successful completion of all five courses within a given Certificate the student will be mailed a Certificate of Completion.

Students may begin Graduate Certificate courses only in the Fall quarter.

Theology Certificates